Thirty Days Of Fire: Day 4 (10 Interesting Facts About Me)

I’m a pretty grounded girl, with some quirks and perks. Here are some:


1.) I wanted to be a ballerina. At age 4, I loved to dance. And I still do. I love the way my body moved and wanted to become a ballerina. The only Black girls that I had seen dance was Janet Jackson and Debbie Allen (keep in mind, I will be 38 in June)! But I wanted to be a dancer. I made show of stretches and jumps and wearing pink. That was the color that I knew ballerinas wore. If I’m honest, I still love ballet. My sister gave me a DVD that displays the New York City Ballet work out plans. I sometimes put that on, and pretend I’m still that young girl.


2.) I wanted to study film at NYU. My oldest memories are of watching film noir with my aunts and father. I was fascinated by the process of idea-script-film. And I still am. When I was 17, I wanted to go to NYU to study English. But then changed my mind and decided I wanted to get a doctorate in film. I knew NYU had the best film program in the country (Spike Lee went here!). I’m still fascinated by idea-script-film process. As a writer, I have to be. I have a few books that I want to see as films. One of them is RUBY. You should get a copy. Click here.


3.) I love old movies. My favorite movies are Sunset Boulevard, The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not and The Maltese Falcon. I blame my parents. Growing up here in St. Louis, I was a fan and patron of Saturday morning cartoons! After the cartoons on the local network KPLR (Channel 11), there were old movies on after 11 am. When I would send Saturdays at my Grandmother’s house, I could stay in the room with the adults if I was quiet–and watched what they watched. This, more often than not, meant I had to watch movies that were as old as my Nana. But I am grateful for it. I loved it. I loved the glamour. The makeup and the stories. To this day, I adore a quiet day and AMC or TCM.



4.) I suffer from insomnia. In working nights, and being a parent, sometimes really throws my body clock off. From that, insomnia happens. It doesn’t happen as frequently as it used to, but in time of extreme stress, sleep in the first thing to go.


5.) I love to cook.  I love the Food Network. I invest in my cooking tools. Cooking, the act of putting things together that I can eat, is quite relaxing. I have come up with the coolest recipes because I (in a last life) wanted to be a chef.


6.) I had red hair through my twenties. Through my 20’s, I was obsessed with having long red hair. I found out the my maternal family had Irish roots, and some of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe were redheads–so why not? I thought I was cute! My grandmother, mother and godmothers hated it. Sigh.



7.) I am a huge Anne Rice fan. I think my fandom with Mrs. Howard O’Brien Rice (AKA Anne Rice) had to have begun once I had seen Interview With a Vampire. I had watched the movie because I was so in love with Tom Cruise (Your judgement is irrelevant). From that movie, I was fascinated with her. I drank up anything her imagination had to offer! I love her mind, and am trying to get to her masquerade birthday party to see her before she leaves the world. I’m currently going through Ramses The Damned:  The Passion of Cleopatra. I highly recommend it.



8.) Shonda Rimes is my hero. The fact that Shonda Rimes exists is a reminder that Black women can and do everything. I am excited about Shondaland, and maybe one day creating my own. I think that Shonda is brilliant, savvy and honest. I love her, because I see myself in her. And maybe, just maybe, if I push the hustle forward, I do the same thing.



9.) I quote Shakespeare and comics in casual conversation. ‘Oh what fools these mortals be!’ I love the Baird. I think Shakespeare is brilliant and necessary. I was thrilled to know that there are words he created that were folded into the English language. I use the phrase ‘hugger-mugger’ frequently (this is phrase found in Hamlet)! And when I am around fellow Baird nerds, elevated language is the norm.



10.) I’m happily tattooed. I got my first tattoo at 23 (It is 3 kanji that means ‘phoenix.’). I sometimes forget its there! I also have 4 more planned to get. When my mother saw it while I was giving birth to my oldest daughter, she asked what it meant. I told her, “If you can read this, you’re too close.” She believed me.






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