Thirty Days of Fire-Day 6: Someone Who Fascinates You And Why

A person that fascinates me? Just one? I think that person has to be Anne Rice.

I have been fascinated with her, by her, since I was 14 years old.


I am fascinated by her because she was born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien. I am fascinated because on her first day of kindergarten she told the nun her name was ‘Anne.’ I am fascinated by her because of the richness of her imagination. The fact she was born on Halloween. How sensitive she is and how her upbringing has permeated every part of her writing.

I am fascinated by her because she seems to be a unicorn.

Anne Rice fascinates me because her power, her prose is so unassuming! She has fascinated me by her words, seduced me into her world with pages. She gave voice to dark portion of my imagination–without apology. When I heard Anne Rice speak, I would have never thought something like Armand, Claudia or the legendary literary immortal Lestat would have come from her!  Anne looks like a schoolteacher!

Anne is fascinating to me because she is so unlike any female writer I have come across. Even my beloved Shonda Rimes. I respect her talent. I revere her imagination. And the prowess–I strive for. She’s a dark shero. And I love her.

Please tell her I said so.









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