Thirty Days of Fire: Day 15-Three Pet Peeves

There are a few things that grind my gears like the things I’m going to list. There are so many things I can look past, but these make me my blood itch.

Garbage that climbs up a wall. I cannot stand this! I cannot tell you how much I cannot stand this! The best creation I have created in the last five years are scented trash bags! I stockpile them in my kitchen. I hate when trash in my house piles up. I need my space clean so I can focus. I see trash that begins to spill out and it must get out of my space. Ooh, chile!

Dishes. Left. In. The. Sink. I think this is the thing that most working mothers deal with. I think if I’m at work all day, the least you (bleep-bleep-bleep) people could do is wash the damn dishes! Wash the damn dishes! Please WASH THE DAMN DISHES! Don’t wait for me to come home and see a *sinkfull of dishes!

Messed-up full sets. If you know me in real life, and follow me on social media, you know I am a fan of artificial nails. I am a fan of all things glamourous:  hair appointments, eyebrow arches and manicures.

Imma fan of being gorgeous on a continuous basis.

The thing that gets on my nerves is when I have a fresh set of nails (my got-to shape is coffin (shouts to my inner Goth-girl!)), and either two things happen:

Drying. I will make an concerted effort to try and sit still for 5-10 minutes for my nails to dry. When, just when, I think that all 10 newly pretty digits are ready, I mess one up. I mess one up! I paid to have 10 digits remade and 9 survived! That is the most irritating part! Now, that I know the power of gel polish, I can conquer the world in 3 minutes! If I can sit still. And if I want to spring for gel.


Crooked nails. I cannot stand when I haven’t paid attention to the nail technician that has done an awesome job making me pretty, I come home, or get to my car and notice that a nail isn’t square or is off slightly. I cannot stand it! I have been known to ask a tech to fix a nail before she cuts them to shape them! I am glad now that I have dedicated nail tech that knows that I like to the point that she shades when I do something different–and she fusses at me to sit still.  Out loud. Thank you, Shannon.

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(Here is some of Shannon’s work. All photos were taken from the official Facebook page for the Selfie Salon. If you are interested in booking Shannon, please see this link here.)


*-Here I am using the cultural colloquialism for ‘sinkfull of dishes.’ This means there are dishes in the sink that were not there at the time I left, or went to work. It is irritating to go to work all day, knowing there were people at the place you pay for all day, and no one thought it would be a good idea to wash dishes? No one?! Aight.



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