Thirty Days of Fire: Day 17-A Quote You Try To Live By


 Asking a writer for a single quote they try and live by is like finding a needle in a haystack. In all my reading and writing, the only quote I come up with, the only quote I believe describes my life at present, is actually a Latin phrase made up of 3 words:


“Dum spiro spero.”

It translates:  “While I breathe, I hope.” In times as dark as these, there needs to be a reminder that there is something to look forward to. Just like in the Greek myth about Pandora and the box, the one thing left inside, with all the evil in the world, is hope.


The weapon that I wield on a daily basis, the most formidable one, is hope.

My faith tells me in th Book of Hebrews, Chapter 11, tells me that faith is the substance of things not seen–the evidence of things hoped for. This allows me to remember that hope is tangible. It is real, and it is sustaining. It is a force that allows the human condition to look past what is going on–and can see another way forward. The ability to see something better, that’s what hope is.

It is hope that allows me to create, to critique and remind my children that trouble don’t (and won’t) last always. Hope allows to me  write and create and to be my moth authentic self.

Hope is what I serve and give on a daily basis.

While I breathe, I hope. To me? Right now? The quote is the best weapon to wield against the servants of darkness, those who wish to quench my light, and those that desire to steal my joy. As long as I have breath, there is still a chance that life will be better. If now now, tomorrow. If not for me, for those that come after me.

That’s enough reason to keep going.

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