Thirty Day of Fire: Day 18-Your Favorite Color And Why


 Since I was a little girl, I have loved color. I remember the magic that the 64-count Crayola crayon boxes and blank paper held. I remember that the color I would most often look for was navy blue. Then that color became what they call cerulean.


I love that color because it sounds regal. It sounds like a color that is as rare as it is stylish. I love the color cerulean  because when I wear it, I feel empowered. Against my skin tone, it seems to shimmer. I found a duster sweater in this same color and cannot help but feel beautiful when I get compliments on. I love the color cerulean because it makes me feel like that same little girl that loved all other colors.

It is a special color because it refuses to simple be a navy, because it’s not that dark.

It’s a not a teal because it’s not light enough.

It’s not just blue, it has blue in it–but it’s  not just a blue.

It’s cerulean.

It’s my reminder to not lose the elements that make me me. The things that make me unique, special and beautiful. I am Jennifer and I am cerulean.