Thirty Days of Fire: Day 20-Put Your Music Player On Shuffle and Write The First 3 Songs That Play And What Your Initial Thought Is

I have Apple Music.

I love Apple Music.

In my song cache, I have over 4 GB of music. I listen to music when I write, when I clean up, and to go to sleep. When asked to put my playlist on shuffle, that becomes an adventure. There are songs that invoke memories; memories of people and relationships;  even songs that were dedicated to me from people whom are no longer in my life. I kept those songs because I thought they were amazing (one of them is Invisible Man by 98 Degrees.

But today? On shuffle these songs are the first three on shuffle:


Sunflower (Spider-Man into the Spiderverse soundtrack):

Initial thought:  There was a young man in my past whom called me Mary Jane. He was sweet, funny and my greatest temptation. My nickname for him? Peter Parker. This song reminds me of him.


Take Her To Mardi Gras (Harry Connick, Jr.):

I love Harry Connick, Jr! I have since I was 11! I love him! I love him!

This song makes me wanna go home (home in this case is New Orleans. I’m aware my hometown is in St. Louis, Missouri). There is a magic in NOLA that I cannot explain, and that you can only experience! It’s the kinda city where you will get a history, a freedom, a reputation and smile the whole time. This song here?! I love…just because. It makes me want to dance every time I hear it, and be in the second line. Get hip. Harry even says, “Her feet need to meet Canal Street!” YEAH BABY! Let’s go! Somebady come get me to go home, bruh!

My Love (Jill Scott):

This. Song. Gives. Me. All. The. Damn. Feels.

What I think when I hear it? “He don’t know what he had.” And he knows who he is. If you don’t know, head over to The Ideal Firestarter, and look for the 3-part series The Able Unshakeable.


Music is amazing. It’s medicine. An aphrodisiac. And a scrapbook. My personal songbook transports, soothes and can even bring to tears…I’d have it no other way.


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