Thirty Days of Fire: Day 21- Your Zodiac/Horoscope And Whether You Think It Fits You




If asked, my birthday is Wednesday, June 24, 1981.

I really haven’t paid attention to my horoscope in over a decade.  If to be classified by sign, to my latest knowledge, my a CANCER. Supposedly, Cancers are passionate, sensual (sexual) moody people. Do I think that fits me?

I mean, I’m an artist. Some of those aspects of this zodiac sign are just who I am naturally!

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When I was younger, I thought it was cool that there was this cosmic element to my personality and overall being. I used to read my horoscope on a monthly basis! I had to know what the ‘stars said about me’. However, those horoscopes spoke in generalities. There is nothing specific about them. But it was fun to read them.

Do I think that it fits me? Sometimes. Cancers are water signs, and I have a fiery personality when pressed. I think there are certain things about being a Cancer that are unique to my personality, but it doesn’t rule me. It doesn’t determine whom I date, marry or associate with.

I look at my Zodiac position/horoscope as a classification. No more. No less. I’m a Cancer. Just like I’m a writer. Like I’m a mother.  Like I’m a friend and a gum-chewer. It’s just one more thing about me.

A calendar doesn’t determine my passions or their directions. I do.

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