Thirty Days of Fire: Day 22- Your Morning Routine

Working nights laughs in the face of any sort of morning routine.

But the routine that I have on my days off, kinda goes like this:


Waking Up. I normally  am up between 6:30 and 6:45 am. I am in the process of teaching my kids to get up on an alarm. I rouse the kids, turn lights on and look to see what chores didn’t get done the night before (dishes, laundry, etc). I make coffee for my husband and make sure kids have on clean clothes. I make sure their hair is combed and they  get breakfast.


School. The commute from my house to school is less than 15 minutes. The kids pile in and either me or my husband take them to their elementary school. I then remember that my oldest will be going to 6th grade next fall and I have a small freak out.


Interim Time. I am learning now to take FULL advantage of being by myself. I normally take out something to make for dinner. Or run errands. I often take a nap before everyone comes home again. Sometimes, most times,  I’ll write. This interim time is solely my time to do what I believe needs to be done or any cool stuff I desire to do. It’s Mom Recess.


Home Time. After getting the kids from school, there’s this flurry of getting them ready for the next day, along with making dinner. I corral kids. I talk to my husband. I cook. I do chores and I try to be as present as I can with my girls. Sometimes we even play in make up. I even answer questions, help with homework and discuss the relevance of the Marvel Universe.


The Hustle Hour.  AH! This where I shine.  After the kids are clean and tucked in, I make sure muscle is playing for them so they can relax. I can power of up my laptop, phone to get my personal work done. I write blogs, edit freewrites and schedule posts. From about 9:00 pm until about 1:00 am, I work. I write. I race the hours with just 2 hands with 10 fingers.

There is no better way to end my day…and no better way to start it. I know my kids won’t be kids much longer. So the balance between mom-entrepreneur. I don’t always get it right…but on the days when I do? That’s when magic happens.







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