Thirty Days of Fire: Day 24-Something You Miss

As a writer, I am forced to be nostalgic.

One thing that I miss is something that I didn’t know I could ever miss:

Crayons. Paper. Drawing.

I miss being able to make that kind of home in paper and color. I miss drawing. I miss picking the colors out and allowing my hand to become more of the creative vessel my mind was.

I miss the blues, and reds and sunny yellows. I miss drawing and coloring and creating a world of my own within the world spinning around me. I miss the promises held by a stack of paper.

I miss transforming blank paper.

I miss the process of creating.

I miss that creativity and that space it gave.

Writing is wondrous and altogether fabulous. But drawing? Sigh.

I loved it.

I could create…and not a have to say a word.

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