Thirty Days of Fire: Day 25-Four Weird Traits You Have

 I am a rather interesting girl. Not normal, Marilyn Monroe said that normal is boring. I would much rather be interesting than normal. Interesting in the more classy way of saying weird–I’ve always thought that.


I can pop my left ankle. I was in a car accident about 6 years ago this February. And just this year, with the cold weather, I can roll my left ankle and it pops like popcorn! I always wanted to be double-jointed, but it’s  not working out so well for me at 37.


I can roll my tongue. My sister can roll her tongue in the U-shape, and can whistle. I can’t whistle but I can roll my tongue in half. Maybe this is because I was an avid gum chewer in my youth, but when I discovered I could do this, I did it all the time. My mother still thinks its gross.


I can still do a backwards push-up. Before the onslaught that is Gabrielle Douglas and Simone Biles, there was Dominique Dawes. I wanted so badly to be a gymnast! However, I was a tall girl all my life. I wasn’t blessed with the growth spurt later in life, and I have no idea what it is like to be short. But when I saw Dominique?  I wanted to do everything that she did! I was obsessed with what my body was able to do. One of the things I noticed was my ability to do an inverted (backwards) push up. Still the coolest thing in the world!


I can still walk up a wall. I always wanted to be a gymnast or a dancer. Time has preserved the flexibility, and passion but the gifting lead to another division of the arts. But I can still walk up a wall, and bend myself in half. I have always prided myself on what my body can do while still being a kid at heart. Perhaps that’s a  nod to the little girl that still reminds me to still cheer during any Olympic floor exercise.


So, am I weird? No. Interesting? Always.


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