Thirty Days of Fire: Day 27-What You Wore Today

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Today was  a workday for me.

This means good old scrubs, compression socks and sneakers. I work in healthcare so, fashion is always second to function. In my field, we try and make and make the drab fashionable with socks, stethoscope covers and whatnot. But the goal is always function.

I woke night shift, so this is the time of day where people code or die. Just being honest. I have answered more codes and distress calls for patients being unresponsive than any other time of day. You really can’t save a life if you cant get where you need to quickly–ergo, sneakers.

My mother was a nurse for better than 30 years, so I knew when she went to work anything might happen. And the anything may be…people dying. I thought about how that must have felt for her. Having to care for people, who just might die, and then come home to her living family.

So the scrubs I wear? I consider them a badge of honor. I wanted to be a ninja when I was a little girl, part of an elite class of warriors as it were. One would say that I am. Instead of throwing stars or the ability to scale walls, I got Nikes and the ability to do CPR.


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