Thirty Days of Fire: Day 28- The Word/Phrase You Use Constantly



 I’m a writer. I’m always switching up words and phrases! But thing is, the word/phrase that I use all the time (that I keep reverting back to):  DUDE.

I’m literally a sidekick from a John Hughes movie. Sometimes I pair dude with the universal phrase of what the fuck. It seems fitting most days to pair it with a few WTFs. It helps me from drinking so much.

The word dude, and its voracious usage, is the only acceptable word I have (now having had children), that allows me to vent or curse without being noticed. It’s a nonsense word! It can mean disbelief, utter panic, or complete frustration!

Dude is one of my favorite words.

My hope is when I get on the Bravo channel show Inside The Actor’s Studio, I am asked what my favorite swear word is. I want to see the astonishment on the host’s face when I tell him, “My favorite cuss word is…dude.”

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