Thirty Days of Fire: Day 30-One Thing You’re Excited For

The one thing that I am excited for is change.

I’m emotional at the beginning and end of each new year. I begin to think about the things I hadn’t done, and the things I desire to do. It is that ruthless pursuit of change that allows me to keep going. To keep creating. To become a trailblazer in my own life. I want to live every moment of it, drink in every moment of it!

I am excited this year especially because of the writing that I’m doing! I am excited because of the writing already done! The network that I am building, the connections that God is sustaining! Even being able to get my hair done on a regular basis again! I am excited because this year, I am solidly building my writing career!

I am serious about preserving my own space in my own life and valuing time spent just by myself. I am learning, more and more, that my own self is such a treasure. In that new reflection, I am much better, and more likely to embrace the changes that come. As well as the opportunities that come.

I am excited because I’m almost 40, and learning to enjoy my life rather than just rush through it. Maybe like Oscar Wilde, one day I will live up to my blue China.









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