Call My Name

I have never been mastered.


I had never been called

By someone other than myself.


At Him touch had I felt

All of my open and

Spill into rooms,

Against windows,

And to rattle against bedframes,

Ribbons and blindfolds.


I open at the possession

Of hands in my hair,

Or teeth grazing, napping at

Breasts or thigh.


All these things now His.


He allowed me to find solace,

In His arms, as His eyes

Peer into me, calling all He saw

His future.


Beyond the mastery is

The commanding

Of the will of my body as

Every potion of me was

And remains His.

I am His.


At every touch,

Every thrust which my

Body yields to be assured

His name is and will remain

Etched along slick inner walls,

The mastery of me is complete.


Complete is

What I am in this time

Of our together, and

At this beckoning

And empty when

My body is no longer

In His control.


I have never been mastered.

I have been taken.

I have been commanded.

I have become a possession.

-Janelle Fallon, (c)2019