Her Life On Land

I wish I was not haunted.

In the moving away

From what is, what was, or

What till be,

My heart has ceased to beat.

It is a feeling beyond loss…

Tears that source oceans

Of need, want and the

Discomforting quiet that

No one else can be him.

The ache is beyond the reach

Of reason,

Is impervious to counterfeit.

In the wake of the end,

There is this soft knowing

That none can be him.

In this ocean,

Among the depths swam

And yet to be swum in

This love, born beyond

Time, touched and coaxed

Through every affirmation

And every ‘I love you’,

I never want to come up

For air.

To be torn from him,

These depths become shallow.

Too shallow to breathe as

I had before.

Leaving him in depths

Known only to the him that is us.

Always the us.

As I head towards light,

His eyes follow.

I wish I was not haunted.

-(c) 2019, Janelle Fallon

[image from Wikihow.com–How To Draw A Mermaid]