Love & Possession: Dark Set (Week 1)

Such mastery have  I not found in all the world,

save at his hand.

In him, in this,

with this love born

of ache and time,

I have seen the face of

a god, and been granted

its love.

The natural elevation of love is possession–whole and complete lacking nothing.

Love, never content

steady and sure in its hunger and pursuit.

I want the sounds of  our together

to rival thunder.


All I contain, he has harnessed

at the mere mention of my name

tasted upon his lips tongue.

There  could never be another I could belong to this way.


There is no space that body and mind could exist where he has not found to touch.



In power, in body, have I given all to him, in power.


(c) Janelle Fallon, 4.2019