The Struggle Of A Black English Major-OVERVIEW

So, just like #TheMarathonContinues, so does the Push towards the MFA. With all that I have, and have to do, there needs to be a degree to go with it. Like, it or not, beloveds–some things just require paper. I am overjoyed at this new journey.

However, dearest ones, I had a moment of being crestfallen.

In my Major American Writers class, I was looking over the syllabus. And I saw no one I recognized that I knew would look like me. Until, I went to the book store and saw Lucille Clifton–one of my books which were required reading.

While I was relieved at seeing her face, I was frustrated that I had not heard of her before.

So, rather than sit in that kind of sorrow, I thought I would work it. Enter STRUGGLE OF A BLACK ENGLISH MAJOR (SABEM).

For the next 16 weeks, I’ll be cataloging this journey. This finding my place in this academic wilderness, only to not be seen in most of the writings in it! Or being more familiar with writers whom are not Black.

Toni Morrison said to ‘decolonize the canon’. I could not agree more. Look for reflections every Sunday, dear ones. We gon get through this together.

JBHarris, future MFA

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