The Legendary Missy Effin Elliot.


First:  Kanye could never on his best day.

Second:  Taylor Swift could never if someone showed her how.

Melissa “Missy” Elliot is not new to this. I need these new fans to understand that as of next year, the 1990s will be 30 years ago! Missy has been songwriting, mixing, performing and producing longer than most of the demographic who watched the VMAs this year.

I remember when Supa Dupa Fly came out! Bruh! In the rap waters that contained Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, Missy was so damn out the box! There was no female rapper like her–before or now.

None, y’all. None!

The fact that the VMA’s finally, finally honored to the capacity she was with the Video Vanguard Award? Fam. It was everything! The world finally caught up with and do Dr. Melissa Elliot! Oh, y’all forgot about that honorary doctorate?

I didn’t.

Missy Elliot is the kind of creative person with the hypersonic energy you either want to harness or buy. That is if you don’t already have it. I have always like her (read: loved her) because she was innovative; she was new–everything she did was new! Like a Missy video was an event!

That type of innovation only comes with a level of gift so tough that only God could have given it to you. Don’t debate me on this! There is no debate on this. In this era copycats, Snaps and IG models, my music-loving, hip-hop loving, Awkward Black Girl self needed to see Missy!

I needed to see unleashed creativity.

I needed to see the end result of consistency.

I needed to see what it was like to break away from a pack of cats, with your integrity, all while obliterating that box people tried to put you in! I needed that.

My whole soul craved it…and was filled.

Excuse me while I go jam to LOSE CONTROL again.

Millennials. Could. Never.

[images from Pitchfork]