Jenn Harris Does It ExpediTIously


Can I tell y’all something? On a real tip?

I am a fan of TI. I really am, and have been for a while now. I am impressed by his growth, and his transitioning from hustler, to rapper, to actor and activist. I am little sister proud of Mr. Clifford ‘TI’ Harris.  I still write and study to three of the following tracks (in no particular order):

-Big Sh!t Poppin

-King Back

-What You Know About That



Aside from his personal shenanigans with the outside kids, his wife leaving,  getting arrested outside his own house, and you can’t forget when fam when to jail (bruh!), when I saw him make this turn towards social justice, activism and attempting to a voice within the current culture? I was for him even more.

There is something about his voice that reminds me of home:  accent unapologetic, raw and not quite as polished as white folk would like you to be–but it’s the truth anyhow.

The current culture also knows TI is fan of college level vernacular, and this hybrid slang of what I call hustler vernacular linguistic acrobatics. There is a element of truth uncut to what he says, with the hint of  ‘don’t try me about this shit’, that you can’t help but believe him on!

When I little birdie told the kid that TI was doing his podcast, the name of which is a word he uses often? With the swag culture offers? Bruh. I put it on my calendar! I listened to it this morning!

The language is frank, and I had the feel of coming home when I listened to this first episode. It was like putting my ear to the door of listening to my father and his brothers talk:  this mix of righteous and ratchet. But, with enough truth to keep me listening.


I see you.


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