Updates: Where Is Janelle?


I know, I know.

Janelle and I owe y’all so much, and thank you for rocking this far. The site has been slow going, but! There light is coming.

More Janelle is coming.

At long last, starting October 1, 2019, you lovely people will see and read all that Janelle has for you. With school, motherhood, and life at a breakneck pace, by then new work will be there, and Janelle’s work will be there.


So, what will this mean?

This means all Janelle’s work will have its own site:


This includes erotica, poems, snippets and even a few essays and stream of thought pieces. And yes, this means more Daddy and Kitten stories.

And a little birdie told me there will be a book, On Daddy’s Lap, to be released February 2020.

Visit Janelle by clicking here.