Dear Dave Peterson and All Of “Penn State Proud”



What is it with this White fans that think they own Black athletes?!

There is something about Black men living their lives, in a fashion that offends White people! What is it about dreadlocks that offended this man to the point he felt he had to express his opinion in such a fashion–and  sign his name to this letter!


The utter damn audacity.

As the mother of brilliant, Black children, I have to be mindful of this type of shenanigans. I have to watch how their  hair is styled, how much oil is in it, and the place they are going. My ex-husband is married to the most basic woman in creation whom thinks my Black children having oil in their hair makes it look dirty.

Before you ask:  Yes, she is. And so is he.

I know what it feels like to be criticized for something you have no control over. Lately there have been rashes of Black children being bullied, put out of school, or suspended just for how they wear their hair.

Their hair!

Oh, I get it! The coils, the curls and the ‘fros are scary. They frighten you! If their hair is controlled, they are controlled. Docile. Amicable. Quiet. But to have the hair contort, twist, dye in the shape of crowns–you can’t handle it right?

The comedian Paul Mooney said that when Black people’s hair is relaxed, White people are relaxed. I mean this man was so offended by a child whom he did not give birth to, with locs he did not twist, saying how he preferred players he neither pays tuition nor coaches!

On behalf of collective Blackness,  he disrespectfully ask you to shut the fuck up. Immediately.