Kanye Versus Sundays

“Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

(Book of Luke 9:50)

I know y’all have been waiting for me to weigh in on this. In truth? I’ve been avoiding this topic for months.

Why? Luke 9:50.

I have made no secret as to what I feel about Kanye, his mental health and what can only be surmised as antics.

With that said, if what he is doing is helping people be close to God again, to discover His great love, I’m all for it!

My thing is, I don’t think that’s what this is. I think these Sunday services are attention-seeking at best and corrupt at worst! At one of these first services, he was selling merchandise (remember how Jesus feels about this!)! Some of this merchandise started at $50 and went to $220–looking like something my daughter would concoct if I just let her go ham with bleach!

In the interest of being transparent, I’ve never seen one of these Sunday Services. I know he does his music (which is–okay!–dope), and one or some inspirational talking points. With this last Sunday Service being at Howard University of all places, he talked about being beware of ‘slave nets.’

I was apoplectic!

Slave nets! Fam, you caught in the biggest one! You out here a whole Sambo like Brother Clifton from Invisible Man! You, the son of an educator! Have the audacity to put support, reputation and influence behind a man who appointed a criminal over the Department of Education!

You, whom was taught the value of learning support a man whom has neither wit, decorum or awareness of people he cannot buy!

I look at these services as propaganda! I want to believe God is in this, but only see Kanye. I’m open to being jaded, sullen and a cynic. But, fam sold a pair of socks that had HOLY SPIRIT on them for like $50? 

Kanye worships  Kanye. Nothing else.