On The Matter Of These 1990’s Remakes….


I was born in 1981. When 1990’s began, I was 9 1/2. When the 1990’s ended, I was headed towards 18 1/2. And since then, this resurgence of all things 90210, The Craft, Aladdin, the Lion King, and Child’s Play, I can’t help but feel all my 38 years! I even heard there was/is a Clueless remake that might have Stacey Dash in the starring role!

Moreover, there is a Punky Brewster remake coming with Soleil Moon Frye!


Part of me is enthused for this level of nostalgia, while another wishes these kids would leave our stuff alone!

Not that cartoons and other pop culture is sacrosanct, but there are tender memories that go along with these shows. Not just for me, but other people as well! I mean, I remember when the season finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer aired. I remember where I was when I first saw The Craft, and Scream and watching Aladdin with my little brother and sister.

As a writer, as a creative person, I get why you want to revamp. I get why you want to reimagine something for a new generation.

I also get that it all comes down to money!

But in the re-imagining, it is a further call for writers of color, Black writers to occupy this space with new stories to tell. With other interpretations of things now seen as classic. While at Books-A-Million today–looking for another book mind you!–I saw an entire portion of a shelf next to African-American bios and fiction which was empty. My daughter in all her 12-year-old snark, told me, “Write your books, Mommy, they have space!”

Indeed, there is space.

It’s cool that you all want to redo Charmed, Clueless and Punky Brewster. But just like Wicked is a take on The Wizard Of Oz, give Black writers and creatives the chance to turn the world upside down with a pen too.


Diversity, visibility is always trendy.