Graduation 2019–Reflections


To be read at my Graduation Dinner:


I believe there is a pattern to this life. It has taken me twenty-one years to arrive at this point. Twenty-one years ago today, I was a seventeen and in the first semester of my Senior year at Jennings Senior High School. By 11:00 AM the morning I was to commit my father to Christ and ground, I was clad in the same warrior black as my mother. And today, I am clad in that same warrior black, with the colors of my father:  like all heirs, the children of Kings wear when fathers are absent. It would be fitting that the same time my father was in funeral salon, in this final transition, so will I cross over.

In this ceremony, the emotions are not adequate to convey! This has been a journey which has tried and tested me as I had never thought. It has forced me to question which is greater—desire or comfort. This Bachelor’s degree is a culmination of what I wanted as 16-year-old girl. This is a key, a map, and a light to where I must go next. Today, I am taking the time to celebrate that which I have fought to possess! Something which other people believed I needed to get, and helped me to attain. The level of gratefulness that I have is immeasurable; tempered with humility.

These sixteen weeks, have been confirmation of everything I have wanted to do, and given hints at whom I will become. I have begun a professional network, gained a mentor, and become part of the esteemed International English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta.

I am now on the path to destiny.

                What has been shone to me in these sixteen weeks are these natural gifts of speech, language and thought are weapons of a formidable sort in the hands of an artist! Writing is an art and art is to be both worked out and manifested. My hope is that I honor all talents bestowed upon me and through me be a full satisfaction.

From the shores of a home I have never seen; from the soils of deltas, swamps and plantations; from grandparents barely educated, whom were wishing and pushing for better hope carried in the bellies of their children—I am aware this achievement has not been done alone. As this journey continues, I will not be alone.       

Today, I have surrendered to the air to ride it.