That Conversation (Overview)

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Earlier this month, I spoke about the “That Conversation” on a Facebook Live. This miniseries as set up because, as a mother of daughters, I have a fear of my daughters going out into the world that desires to consistently devour them. The stories I have heard through the current social climate, as a mother –not just as a woman, scare me. Like most writers, I don’t sit well with fear and uncertainty. The antidote for this being to write. Write through this. Writing through this.

So, the topics will post every week, starting January 4, 2020. Here are the list of topics:


January 4, 2020 The Ownership of Me (Body Autonomy in Public Spaces)

January 11, 2020The Wisdom of Better Men (Men Holding Other Men Accountable)

January 18, 2020Talking To Strangers (Street Harassment & Personal Space In Public)

January 25, 2020Looking Back & Forward (The ‘Feminine Urban Legends’)

February 1, 2020What I Want Your Son To Know (Defusing Toxic Masculinity & Toxic Patriarchy)


There are certain conversations as women, as girls, are relevant and needed. Those conversations are beyond shoes, clothes and hair.