From The Crates: Black Writers Matter (Written 2/1/2019)

To US-

This morning I’m making time to give you all flowers while you can see and smell them.

I celebrate every Black writer here. Every blogger. Every scared amateur. Every seasoned professional. Every editor. Every publishing house and podcast.

I celebrate US today.

Those of us whom have to wait until kids go to sleep to post or to go school to get a few lines in a WIP. Those that record story ideas on phones and forget they are there because life becomes more important.

Those of us that still read for fun! Whose spouses and significant others have been inundated with the lives of imaginary people.

I celebrate US this morning!

Those whom still write when success hasn’t come yet. Those whose families don’t believe in their gifts and talents—but will call to get a resume redone FOR FREE.

Those whom chase words by the hour, have sold books out of cars, financed book signings out of bill money. Started publishing companies on work computers because it had to be done and you know what it’s like to be Black, talented with no platform.

I celebrate US this morning.

We are out in the world creating, writing, and found doing the very thing no one believes we can. We stand on the shoulders of kidnapped people whom couldn’t read the language to mastering in for professional arenas and dialects for family meetings.

Black Writers Matter.
Black Publishers Matter.
Black Authors Matter.
Black Creatives Matter.
Black Writing Groups Matter.

We lit.

I love each and every one of you in this guild.

Keep writing.