Black LGBTQIA Kids Matter: Brava, Dwayne Wade.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, possible text that says 'Hakuna Truvada @angryblkhoemo Anyway, it's gonna be funny watching everyone who JUST screamed that we have to respect one famous basketball player and his legacy, now throw all that energy outta the window for another famous basketball player upon him telling y'all to respect his own child's name and pronouns'

First thing first: BRAVA, DWAYNE WADE!

Second thing second: Y’all gone leave Zaya alone!


This week, Dwayne Wade was on the Ellen show talking about how his cis-born son, Zion, came out to him as transgender. For those of you who followed this story before this salacious detail, know Zion (now Zaya) came out as gay. As a parent, all I could do was smile as he and Gabrielle embraced this news, still loving this child. With this added piece, I am brought to tears at how radically the Wades are loving Zion–now Zaya. The fact that all this radical ugly, vehement hatred of how Dwayne is loving his transdaughter (in full view of the public)? It makes me wonder how some of your cis-het cats even got some woman to be naked to procreate with you!

I don’t know what it is about masculinity that is so fragile that only sex and being an asshole can affirm it! Why is it so impossible to fathom this Black man, famous and rich, is loving and supporting his child–HIS CHILD! Who raised you people?! If anything I pray for the Wades that they have the strength to love their DAUGHTER as she needs to be loved! I pray Zaya become all SHE desires. I am thankful to see HER father love her like she deserves and having a stepmother that loves HER just as radically.

You cats are going to have to get over yourselves on this one! Is the mistreatment of Black children so common that the only way y’all think undesirable behavior will change with more like behavior–because anything less for a man would make him soft?!

Y’all are exhausting.

[Image from Twitter]