Updates, Musings and Email Lists

So, here is what’s up…

My Lovelies:

Don’t feel neglected, I have been so busy lately and clearly my plate (read: my jump drive). I found projects I forgot about, 2 manuscripts, and lot of random poems and essays. I mean I even started a YouTube channel! Grad school is becoming a reality, my MFA is shaping up, and I still have to be a mother of 2 Queens.


So what I am going to do, is get back to it. What does that mean? Oh, that means content my dearest ones! That means there will be things which are going to be both exclusive, published and private. At long last, this means the mailing list is coming! And I’m working on 3 (yes, one less than 4, 1 more than 2) books! On top of a collaboration book I’m doing with some writergirls!

So…know three things.

1.) I love you all.

2.) More content is coming here (and on YouTube).

3.) New books are coming this summer. Pre-order information will be up Friday. Here the covers:

Nice, right?
(June 2020)

You know you wanna read it already! Very Alice Walker.
(July 2020)

Even thought it may seem that you won’t/ don’t see me, nothing is farther than the truth! I’m even working on the sequel/prequel to RUBY! Whew!

Know that I love you all with all my Black Girl Magic!

Stay Tune, beloveds!

Greatness is coming!