Tellum, Bernie!

So, there is secret I am an ambitious woman. I think with my steady heartbeat towards 40, I can no longer call myself a girl–but when I can? I do so. But with that reflection, I have made no mistake or qualm there are some things I want do get done, and impart before this life is over. So, with that vision, ambition takes over more often than perhaps is ladylike. However, with that regard, I got kind of mad.

I have been told often (mostly by men) that may level of drive is somewhat problematic. That what I want to do, what I feel I need to do, I shouldn’t do to the speed I want to do it. I wonder if this is just the lot ambitious women endure–does my female sex still delegate me to the type of citizenry where to be this ambitious cannot agree with the fact I lack a phallus?! In 2020?

On my Facebook page, I let a peak of that despair shone through. I was angry. I was shocked…and a little unnerved. I thought of the length and breath of what I want to do. I thought about all the things I want to do. I thought about what I had already done. When I did, I got indignant. There was a righteous indignation which welled up in me. All I could think was, “If I was a man, no one would ever say anything like this to me.”

I was no longer mad–if I ever was. But I was aware: my femaleness is still a factor in my success.

And I threw my head back and laughed. As I laughed, I remembered all I had left to do. Had planned to do. And I got back to work.

Visionaries don’t have time to pay attention to what the blind call attention to.