With An Heir (Farron)-#5

Tzipporah hadn’t been feeling well.

She didn’t tell me what was wrong, and wouldn’t let me tend to her. I watched her sleeping on the plane home. I saw her brow furrow and her jaw tighten. Something was wrong. I sat watching the night sky turn into morning, and touched her dark hair. I was glad she didn’t cut it. I saw the sun streak over the left wing of the plane, and thought of my brother. I remembered the last conversation I had with my father–my Alpha–The Second.

I remembered how far away he sounded, how ill, and how unsure anything else would happen. “Farron, all that you have and all that you will have is within you. You will do righteous for the pack and kingdom.”

The pack and kingdom. 


There were bigger things that were happening that Narmon, and the death of our father. The Beginning was more important. The internment of The Second would happen as soon as we landed. I stretched in the small plane seat, too small for my 6’5″ inch frame.  I watched her sleep, putting my forehead to hers. I heard the low grow rumble within her. Not hungry, not discontent. I focused all my thoughts towards her. “Tzipporah.” I whispered. “Open.” I cupped her face, willing her entire self to me, to the us.

I shut my eyes, pushed myself through the growl that protested. I saw nothing, which was rare. There was nothing. Her thoughts were blank. I walked towards her, towards her mental self, her back to me, yet utterly lovely. I saw her draped in white, like she always was and is. Her hair was dark, sun-streaked, with curls thick and soft. I had spent nights pawing through them. Her hair in my hands as I pulled her body to my will when I could not get enough of her.

“Tzipporah?” she didn’t turn. She didn’t move. She remained standing on this beach, our place, because she loved the water. She craved the light. She remained silent, the water lapping her feet. “I’m scared, Farron. I don’t want to be here. Why have we come?” I watched her turn her face towards me, her profile visible. Her eyes towards the white sand. “We have come for The Beginning.” I kept walking, feeling the heat of the sand. “Seven days, my love. We take the throne, and we will have what we want.” I heard her sigh, felt the slackness in her body when I held her. “What we want?” I kissed the side of her neck, felt her stiffen. “I never wanted this, your brother should be Alpha! He should be The Third!”

I left my face in the crease of her neck. “Tzipporah. Please.” She sighed, body still tightened. “I wanted to never come back here. Why have you made me come back?” I squeezed her because it was all that made sense to do. I pulled her into me. “Farron, you have asked me to trust you, like I always have. Yet,” she pulled from me, turned as if underwater. “I don’t think that you understand the situation we are now in.”

I dropped to my knees as she showed me her belly, round and full. Tzipporah placed her hands on her belly, full of what could only be my seed. She looked at me, eyes as open as the sky she stood under. She closed her eyes to speak, and tears came. I crawled and wrapped around her legs, caress her left thigh. “Pregnant.”

“Pregnant.” she echoed. “My mother was the one that told me what she saw here in the Open Plane.” I said nothing, allowed her to keep speaking. “How is this possible?” I stood from my sand bed to embrace her again. “There will be an heir. That is all the pack and kingdom is concerned with.” I felt her body meld into me, holding onto my strength and inner wolf.

I woke to the sound of the pilot’s voice on the overhead sound system. Tzipporah was still asleep, wrapped in the blanket I had put on her when the flight began. I looked at her belly from under the blanket. I felt for anything which would stir or beat and there was nothing. As an Alpha and she my mate, I should have been able to know or tell before her mother did.

The Beginning was going to be difficult.