With An Heir (Tzipporah)-#6

My mother knew.

She always knew about things like this.

As an amshun she was capable of sensing what even the pack together with its Alpha couldn’t quite see. That the was role of an amshun. Guidance. Patience. Protection. An Alpha was always brought into the world with an amshun. They were the only ones capable of handling the births of weres. They are the descendants of goddess, Nanja and her husband, Haurnut.

I looked in the mirror of Farron’s room. I hadn’t been in this room in more than a half century. I remembered the tub, the mirrors and the light that came through the windows as all as he was. I laid in bed all day when we landed. We somehow made it to the palace compound without incident, and without me seeing Narmon. I knew that I would see him at the funeral and all within me roared as Farron held my hand. I wanted so badly for the bond to be broken. I had to have broken.

But in order to break an errant bond, tradition says you can have an Alpha and an amshun. But the amshun must be almost as old as the Alpha. Together, they would house enough power to break a errant mating. As the compound placed the Second on the pyre, to give his body back to Nanja, I felt him. I felt him comb through my thoughts. I felt him touch me even when he didn’t see me. I pulled my cloak tighter around me, adjusted my hood as the fire was lit.

I was pregnant with Farron’s pup. I would be a mother, the wife to the Third. What he had been groomed for was beginning to come to pass. I had squeezed Farron’s hand, willing Narmon from the Open Plane of my thoughts. I closed my eyes, saw him there. On our beach. Touching me. Caressing and kissing my belly which was full and round. “When will you tell him?” he asked, his breath in my ear. “The bond is here. Do you want to really break it? He’s not strong enough to do it. Not yet anyway.”

I saw him, wanted not to see him. The same height as Farron, and the same topaz eyes. Where Farron was hewn out of this almost ebony granite, Narmon had the tone of dark sand. His lips were full and his eyes large. He could always see into me. Narmon kissed me, and I tried to open my eyes. I tired to will myself free from the Open Plane. I couldn’t feel my body tethered to Farron’s. I couldn’t bring myself back. He kissed me, over and over like Farron never would. He pulled me to the sand, his hands under the white dress I wore

It was the touch of my aunt, Gisela, along my back that broke me free from Farron. “Tzipporah!” she had hissed. It was her that took me to Farron’s room. It was her that put the night blooming jasmine in the marble tub. Gisela told me to rest, tucked me in and told me she would see me in the morning.

Morning had come. And I lay next to the warm spot where Farron had laid. And still saw Narmon when I closed my eyes.