30 Days Of Jaye: Murmur

I find myself in need of him

more often than I would like

even as my dreams drift to the thoughts

of my intended, it is he that I long and ache

to quicken again, once more, and ever more.

I fear this vulnerability I have in him

he sees me as porcelain, pure and subtle,

effortlessly wrapped in this ethereal sheen

of light and beauty,

yet when he can stand no more to be passive

witness to this deity of his own creation

he knocks me from it,

as I am shocked and relished by it

a lovingly held possession,

torn by my need of him

and his ache of me

prayers for time to stop and eternity to begin

often go unheard, and unnoticed as

all that is female and easily coaxed

is had by him, love like I’ve never known

to belong to him after the sun rises

after the moon fades

and after the tears have dried

how could I be whole without him?

Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2009

(*From Private canon)