30 Days Of Jaye: SONG OF ATALANTAE (revision from 9/24/2011)

You have been my hot and cold night,

My eager, lingering pain

The thing unmentionable that only I condemn

Formidable and fleeting,

Coaxing the latent and feeding the dull

Why will you not release me?

I am not seduced by the illusion of forever

With you, but enticed by the possibility

If not the ability to be included in your lifetime,

What do I do or can do with this love?

This Chopin awakening love

This tendency to behave as Puck,

Chiding on the folly of us mortals

And the temporal coolness of our passions

However, even the thoughts of you

Offend, seeing as I am not yours

And you can never be mine.

I shun the wings of love that

Allowed Romeo to leap palace walls.

I run past the Aphrodite-laden

Golden apples, in favor of reason and

Soundness of mind, rather than

The renewing of passionate memories

Or embraces,

I would rather have all of me than pieces of you

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2011