30 Days Of Jaye: January 1999, An Elergy

January, 1999
(Revision of “DADDY’S COFFIN”, in elegy tradition)

Safest place was nestled in
The fold of his arm tucked
Under his eagle’s wing.
Strength holding weakness
Up elementary school stairs,
Field trip buses, skipping
Under swing sets, sidewalks, tumbling
Over tree stumps,
Tucked under his eagle’s wing.
Time divides this love, memories fade dark
Foundations of canyons form after
Arguments, hearts fail and black dresses
With uncomfortable shoes needed to
Commit bodies to Christ and ground,
Protection not entrusted to be tucked under
His eagle’s wing.

Manicured lawns, black granite slab facing
Towards the sun of the Almighty, no longer
Housed at the helm of passions manifested
By sinew, blood, and bone, yielding
Wildflowers under oak trees,
Tucked under His eagle’s wing.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2011