30 Days Of Jaye: My NOLA

This piece is 1 of 2. I so love this city. -JBHarris

Hurricanes on Bourbon

Found by a Tropical Isle

Seventy degrees in December

Nights with sore feet in stilettos

Hangovers with the Waffle House

Cypress groves with orange-red light

Dusty bed and breakfast stairs

Near the Cities of the Dead

Footfalls on St. Louis Cathedral

Vows on Jackson Square, near the Canon

Wishes tossed along Lake Ponchatrain

Pouring my passions to the Gulf

To gather jagged pieces of me to skin

Over muddied waters of times before,

Washing myself these

Earthen-waters, Being home again once more

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris) March 2011-personal canon/English 3030 class