30 Days Of Jaye: NOLA (II)

The second part to ‘My NOLA’. I married my first husband post-Hurricane Katrina in September 2007. I have always loved the city of New Orleans, so to see it devastated on such a catastrophic scale? Broke my heart–so I wrote about it. -JBHarris

Chinky I-walls lay against stiff

Bricked houses graffittied

By FEMA, a bright orange lie

Mocking  sleeping dead inside.

Murky water smothering growing grasses,

Cattails bobbing over cloudy photographs,

Barbie dolls, and green-algae Bigfoot Power Wheels.

Dogs turned to gargoyles,

Fixed and black, found

Bound to beer bottled fences.

Catfish bump into wide-eyed grandmother,

Eyes to the sun of the Almighty,

Mama’s kitchen sinks, with

Grandpa’s Red Indian tobacco.

Cajun navy in johnboats,

Putting holes in attics and going

Past rooftops garden with

White sheets and signs.

The world watches just

How high lows can go.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2011