30 Days Of Jaye: Enkindle

“..having a love experience…” -Sunni Patterson

This piece is found in Love Songs of The Unrequited, Volume 1. Click here to find it. –JBHarris

I lie awake in

Utter unholiness of

Thought and deed.                             

The love that I have

For you acknowledging

That you are not in my presence.

This feeling of love and

Passion in such a raw

And unnatural force.

It devours me slowly…

Savoring all of me.

This love has engulfed

The core of my very being…

Daring me to follow it

Wherever it may take me

Compelling me and calling

For me…

All of me heeds to

This enrapturing bewitchment

Breath quick and ragged…

Making the flesh that was

Once touched too hot

To lay upon…

Enlivened by only the

Thought of your touch

Upon my flesh…

Thoughts blurred and maddened

With thoughts of you,

Belonging to you only.

Dreams flooded with

Delicious and sensuous visions

Of lying entangled with you,

Cresting over waves of

Ecstacy that the humble shell that

The soul inhabits crosses into

Such a realm of delirium…

Drowning in you…

Never wanting to

Resurface until you

Allow me to…

Yielding to all of you

As you partake of

All that I am sumptuously

Take all that I am

I plead, deprive me

Of all thought and

Sensation except those

That are of you.

Calm the tempest

That rages in your

Absence and rebels

When your touch is


Allow me to be

All the you desire

And all that you seek.

Permit me to be yours

And yours alone.

Swimming through oceans

Of need, and want flowing

Into me, guiding me through

Places that were darkened to

Love’s illuminance

Clinging to you

Existing for you…

Loving only you.

Maintaining one flesh

With you, to never be

Apart from you…feeding

Your need and mine.

Passionate loving, and greedy

Kisses, setting lips and limbs

Ablaze to the very sinews and

Arteries…infecting the lifesblood

Once more. 

Being yours evermore.

Jennifer-Phylon Bush (now Harris) , March 5, 2004