30 Days Of Jaye: Le Divorce

Marriage is hard. Divorce his harder. I have done both. -JBHarris.

White, neat and lacey

Demure and unassuming

Beautiful and confining

(The Empire fallen)

Conforming to the day, elegant and needy

The underskirts supported, tailored

Being empty and lack

No form, no light except that which is opaque and flat

Needing form to fill

Yet, empty of soul

No solace or peace

But the appearance, soundlessly blank

Hems are worn

Seems out stretched

Threadbare to the floor

At the foot of the worn shoes

The jewels broken

Rings that bare no weight

Resting upon the sill of what can be no more.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2011-Personal Canon/English 3030 class