30 Days Of Jaye: Muñeca (‘Doll’)

This one is a personal fave! This was written as a poetry exercise in Dr. Wall’s Introduction To Poetry class in Fall 2011. We had to write a poem about one of the items in the room. I chose this pretty, ornate black and gold fan. Imagination took over from there! -JBHarris

Red-fire brimmed skirts twirl

Under far off light, as hard shoes

Lay waste to the ground beneath

His hands make melody of her skin,

Whirling her back and forth,

The coal halo about her

Head and neck revealing divine sculpture

Of her neck and shoulders.

Notes course through the veins of her

Recipients, with her beauty as

Its pulse, hiding the purpose of every

Glance behind a glided fan.

Relaxed now as her rhythm has

Given way to her sway, perfume

Lingering over tablecloths as

Moonlight on water, the halo

Now a rippling waterfall

Between the sculptured

Rock of her back and shoulders.

The pant of every man her

Name as they desire to be the

Cool air that sweeps from the

Wrist gliding over décolletage,

Admiring scarlet lips, that whispers

 “No more now.”

Jennifer Bush (now Harris), September 2011-personal canon/English 3030