30 Days Of Jaye: To Dance Upon The Air

To have you once

 More my beloved would

Be my heart’s joy, and

My life’s reason

It is you and you

Alone that I have

Entrusted my heart

And soul to

it is you that my

spirit longs for

and my soul sings

such sweet sonnets for

to be loved by you

totally once again, and

in moments long forgotten


To watch divinely crafted

sunrises change you from

pale to amber-gold as new

sun christens us anew…

Permit me to be nearby

and be absorbed by you

let your scent linger on

the fibers on my skin, igniting

my essence in small waves

that tell of love’s intent

Grace me with the

honor of lying with

you as nightingales

rest and rise, and

larks greet the sun

My love, grant

me the pleasure most

deep to be yours and

to be yours in moments

current and demanding

Remember me after the

memories have faded

into thoughts and pressures

 of the present

Recall the closeness that

we share and will have

near to us always,

cherish me and what

I mean to you

Belong to me

as I belong to you…

Embrace me,

Kiss me, and

let the world fall away.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2004