30 Days Of Jaye: Vixen

“If the Black woman wasn’t born, she would have to be invented.” -Nikki Giovanni

she has what most women

buy, beg, borrow and steal

to make their own…

She is easy in herself

and graceful without care

of trial

she is humble in such things,

although knowledgeable

she possesses a wisdom in this

that would not be found in others

she realizes that a wink

from her eye can cause heart

rates to quicken, and stride

in her legs cause others to follow

and the scent that lingers on her skin

can cause thought processes

to linger, stir, and reconfigure, perhaps focusing on her

this alluring revelation she revels in…

She cannot be placed,

and neither can she be forgotten

she lingers, lies in memory and thought…

However, while relishing such powers,

she rarely gives thought to it

its not a forethought

she would like it more that way

much simpler, more fluid

much like she is

albeit she is a mix of

beauty, style with boldness

and strength…with mischief to match

she is a creature of habit

and a creator of her

own destiny

she lives as she breathes…

Fully, freely.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2004