30 Days Of Jaye: Meadowlark Sonnet

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and dream of loves dreams,

soft caresses and kisses that hunger and linger only for me…

to taste and trap and suckle upon what is to be mine

and what is promised/yes to sleep sleep perchance to dream

 ah such things of love make heroes fools of their own folly/

writhing with innate aches no drug no spell no rune no chant may cure

the disease less fever/the careful poison that beckons that tempts that teases

  maddening sinew and bone/bestowing passion to the masses and fuel to the soul/

ah alas to be restless in such torment/

to be held in it/thrive in it/loved by it

  keep me close i pray as morning and its larks come forth/keep me hidden from  it/the light is all too real/all to tangible/ allowing such visions to fade as vapor/grasping gasping for what is never there/yet what will always remain

blessed and taken by the sun/anointed by moon/keep me close to this love…my love…/keep such harmonies fresh and supple

  this need this humbling need to have it/to taste it once more/ such things divide the mind and enrage the heart/ this need this need….i must have more.

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2004