30 Days Of Jaye: Eclipse

i can only be what I am and i make no apologies for it i want you more than i am comfortable/and one day that may turn into a heated need that need coaxed thoroughly and expertly by you morphing into an ache that ruins and separates me from anyone else…

i would be perfect then, i muse molded into this thing of awesome beauty clothed and unclad vision of all that you may have ever wanted…to be the last thing you taste in the morning, and that last thing you want after the sun has gone and the moon takes his place to watch you feast upon me and all that is female and saved for you to roll, tumble, fall and be claimed by you taken, but freely given that i may show you exactly what anticipation of you has inspired me to perform to have you as i want my name being said over perfect lips with the effort of breath and the gentle tenderness of seraphim ravage you and have you hold me tighter than the air encased inside you and your pleas for more being my only satiation to give you me, as none has ever had me before

Jennifer-Phylon Bush (now Harris), May 28, 2008