30 Days Of Jaye: Satiate

Kiss me,

Taste me,

Allow the world

To just fall away.

Thrill the senses

Over and over,

Leave me dizzied

For more of you.

Relentless in

The pursuit of

This lethal pleasure.

Ablaze with this

Unholy need of you

Skin too warm

From where you were.

Reluctantly closing

My eyes, seeing only

You and this need.

Craving you in the open,

Giving no thought

To the irrationale of it all.

Am I possessed by this?

Should I be afraid if I am?

The thought of having you

Near me, arouses the body

and enlivens my heart

The love only grows…

And deepens.

You’ve enchanted me,

You tantalize me,

Electrifying thoughts,

Reawakening emotions

That I was much

Too afraid to acknowledge.

A torrent of entangled

Limbs and heartbeats,

Feeding one another.

Warm, deep breaths

Becoming shallow

And ragged.

Such delicious

Surrender –

Washing over in waves,

Then crashing

Against us…

A magnificent storm.

Keep me close

My love,

Always let me

Be this near…

Jennifer Bush (now Harris), February 2004