30 Days Of Jaye: Enchantment

I know not from

Where he came,

He has woven a

Spell upon me…

A spell that manifests

Itself as enrapturing


It begins to be maddening

To be without him.

What certain

Magick works its

Way through me

And draws me nearer

To him?

He has bewitched me…

He quickens me in

Cool places that

Were once void

Of such pleasure…

Of such effortless


This sense of

Love I have never

Felt with another,

Dare I say,

I never truly will


What I have

Experienced in his

Company far surpasses

What I have experienced

With any other

He has intrigued

Me thoroughly

And enticed me fully

I am in total

Adoration of him

I am at ease in

His company,

Safe inside his


Secure in his


A sense of a

Genuine bond.

A bond of such

True a base, that

I could never see

Myself to betray him.

He has given me

The humbling task                 

Of being entrusted

With his heart.

He was surrendered his

Will to me

I required no such

Sacrifice, however he

Has seen fit to give himself

Totally to me

This humbles me more so.

I shall submit

To him also

I have given

Him my heart

As well allowing

Him to have my

All of me as he

Sees fit.

I do this in

Hopes that he

And I will realize

That I am here

For him and

I want only him

And his happiness.

I want him to

Realize that I

Will not push

Nor prod him into

Something that

Ill-suits him

I want him to

Understand that the

Love that I have for

Him will only mature

If given the chance to…

I want him to

Realize that I

Will be what he

Needs me to be

To him as long

As I can be it to him

I have resisted his

Lure and fought against

The effect of him.

This ambition to

Belong to him

Has only rooted itself

Deeper within my

Being, residing there

Feeding and strengthening

Itself…as if it knows me.

It lovingly whispers these

Truths in my ear…

It reassures me of the

Honor of your intent…

My wish is to

Be possessed only

By him…

To belong to him

In every aspect.

To love him past

The realm of normal


My wish is

To love him…

Only him.

Jennifer Bush (age 22; now Harris) March 3, 2004 (*personal canon)