Cultural Conversation Overview (June 2020)

Of course I would use Princess Shuri of Wakanda as my Patron Saint for this series!

Part of the job as a writer is to record the world around me. My job is to write down what I see, and what people may be afraid to say. There is nothing which should be off limits to my gaze, talent or input.

That’s not me being cocky. That’s me being a writer. That’s me realizing my words matter, and giving voice to things I believe are concerning. I am a writer whom is at the intersection of Black and woman. I move through the world differently! I move through the world both seen and unseen–all while keeping my pulse on those communities.

From that awareness, there is a miniseries that will start in June 2020! This miniseries will focus on some things that I have either read about, experienced personally, or have grown up with which I think I now have strength and time to discuss. What sparked this conversation was Black Panther.

How, you ask?

The talk–the Cultural Conversation as it were–was the WHITE dude saved Wakanda. When I watched Black Panther, I didn’t see it that way. I saw the true savior of Wakanda was Princess Shuri. From that boldness, I am ready for June 2020.

And should be too–you won’t have a whole lot of time to get ready. I promise you that.