The Wisdom Of A Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez says she was called a diva because she's Latina and ...
If you are looking for a drag, this will not be one. I’m not sorry. -JBHarris

I have like Jennifer Lopez since she was a Flyy Girl on In Living Color. I thought she was pretty, and driven and with a name like Jennifer—she had to be AH-MAZING! But the one thing that I have always like about this woman is her hustle. Like, there is a steel in her I have always liked: I love to see ambitious women get stuff DONE. That is a highlight of my day and world!

The only thing which differentiates me from ‘Jenny from The Block‘, is that my romantic breakups are not part of pop culture. So, when she turned 50 and I found out she was dating my high school crush–Alex Rodriguez? Girl! I hated her for like a month! But, that’s jealousy for you. Then the jokes started about how this would be her fourth marriage, how Alex would be dumb for marrying her, and now she a whole Thanos because she has 5 rings.

Pause: These are from the same dusty broads trying to be chose, or the dudes with all these baby mamas, a team a silly broads he blow through and never will marry one. But moving on…

there was a Goal Coast video she did which moved me to tears. In this video, she spoke about how she thought she ‘failed her children.’ She talked about her divorce from fer third husband, Marc Antony–whom her twins are by. She talked about how she tried to make it work with him, to the point she had nothing else to give. Jennifer Lopez–Jenny From The Block, the same girl that was Selena (damn near a mirror for her!)–had to admit that whatever it took to be with this particular man, she didn’t have!

That is freeing–especially in the age where everyone wants to belong to someone, wants to be everybody’s bae, and wanting to know the “Ciara Prayer”–she admitted that she couldn;t keep this part of her life together.


AllI could do what lift my hands. Why? I understood. I get it. I absolutely get it. For all wanted from her relationships, Jennifer said that she had to work on HER. She had to admit there was something in her that wanted to be with someone. That felt validated by a man. And I got that. I understood that! As an ambitious woman, it is a blessing to have someone in your corner, happy for you, and ready to support you in any way! That is rare. When she admitted that she had that with Alex? I rejoiced with her! I was happy for her! Why? It is time for women to be happy.

It is time for women to be happy.

It is time that we not be so caught up in being ‘with’ someone that we don’t have time or the desire to check in with yourself. That was a whole word for me! It was the reassurance of two things:

1-You have the right to be happy.

2-You do not have to die so other people can live.

When Goal Coast made this video, with that level of transparency? I was happy. And I became happy for her! I was happy that she is in a place where she is with someone she loves, and whom loves her–whom only wants her to win!

I am here for all of this! Here for it!

Sometimes it takes us having to look at life through the lens of experience, which allows us to grow up. It allows us to forgive ourselves and go for what we want. This eliminates this need to be thirsty, dear ones. When we are no longer thirsty for other people, we then can be full of ourselves. Which is never a bad thing. If anything, remember no one can complete you, only compliment. I’m glad Jennifer has a compliment now.

She deserves it.

[image from Instyle]