30 Days Of Jaye: Kindling

The part that lingers in

unknown realms, reminding

you without word or action

that it will remain there…

smoldering flames upon

the soul, concealing its

true intent

waiting for the precise

moment to allow the

dormant sparks to burst

into a much desired inferno…

Incinerating what is not

needed, but replacing it

with such intensity that

it blankets the spirit


Fueling the blood, and

eliciting muscle, and

arousing the synapses

that fire in-between

renewing the mind

and the body, and

quickening the spirit…

reminding it of the

entire vessel of its


it causes you not

to fear, merely

to relish and learn

it wants you to know

that all you need

lies in you, never

beyond your grasp

(Jennifer Bush (now Harris) age 22)-June 6, 2004 (personal canon)