30 Days Of Jaye: Look, Truth

to become what I was

always wanted

to be as I have always wanted to become

to be honest within truth, with my own

truth…to be able and willing to

confess my sins before my heart

and look at what havoc concludes

the love that I have sought is

in my grasp, in my palm

I taste and relish it

yet I cannot have it

this is fault of my own on making

and of my own maintenance

I cry at the loss of it

I have walked away from it

through my own wisdom

knowing that if it is really mine

it will remain…even though I have no right

to ask it to wait,

through broken prayer I have made my peace

with it, what happens I will and must deal with it

to heal at all costs…that is my truth

-Jennifer Bush (now Harris), 2005