I Got Time: White Woman Tears Won’t Help Stephanie Freeman

Author Note: I will not be attaching the video referenced on Tik Tok. This girl and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Hume, are not young children. This is a whole tragedy. And this little girl knew exactly what she was doing and saying. This is NSFW. This is full throttle, no safety. I’m tired of these blonde, broken damsels in distress. When White women like this say “I made a mistake” translate that to mean “I got caught and I don’t want anyone to notice.” -JBHarris

Native son: an interview with James Baldwin - archive, 22 November ...
“You’re the n*gger baby, not me.” -James Arthur Baldwin

Stephanie Freeman is the fruit of a poisonous tree.

I wasn’t even going to address this issue. I am tired. I am tired of screaming at white folk to see me, hear me, and not kill me or the people I love. I am tired! In doing my own inner work, in remembering the wisdom of Dr. Brittney Cooper, it is my responsibility as a writer to weigh in on all I see. In my studying of James Baldwin, my anchor quote from him is, “The goal of the artist is to disturb the peace.” Being equipped with linguistic acrobatics engineered with these 26 letters, I couldn’t keep silent.

It was a choice to not attach the video, aside from this screen grab located later in this piece. Why? It is not worth it. Stephanie Freeman is a privileged, spoiled White girl whom got caught up with Jeffrey Hume blaming him for what she did–with him! She held that camera inside the phone she didn’t buy, filmed this video with her boyfriend and was unbothered doing so!

Completely unbothered.

Stephanie Freeman is the girl that would lie on the Black dude she let buss it wide open and frame him for rape! You can’t tell me no different! This is the same type of White woman who will praise God, vote for Orange Thanos, and call me a ‘n*gger’ on social media then swear up, down and diagonal she isn’t racist.

But she is. But, she is!

And to see that she apolgized through Instragram and Twitter–after being indignant about being caught up in this bullshit?

Exhibit A-

Racist TikTok Gets HS Senior Expelled, Reacts With "White Power" Post
And she can’t spell? Noted.

Exhibit B:

Georgia High School Seniors Expelled After Posting Overtly Racist ...
Don’t call Jesus now! He Black too!

But she said this first:

Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: "Meet Stephanie Freeman ...
But I how do you get expelled during your Senior year of high school while on quarantine…guess what that makes you?

It would be easy to drag this little girl, whom is no longer little. What she did was take a match to her future, and I have a dark joy about it. Her tears mean nothing! She doesn’t mean this apology–on any hand of it! What she hates is the video was shared, and she was caught up in it. If you have seen the video, she hides her face behind the phone. Like all racists whom do this type of trite, tired bullshit! She wants the freedom to do what she wants–while yet being free of any consequences.

Sounds like privilege to me.

Watch: Racist TikTok Video Made by Couple in Carrollton, Georgia
It ain’t funny now, is it, ‘Steph’?

This video was done with malice, ignorance and planning. It was the planning of the video that gave evidence racism is taught. It is a learned behavior, and this dingy broad and the dusty dude she gives lazy fellatio to are racist.

Pause: Shouts to the Carrollton High School student whom saw this, shared it, and blew the roof off this girl’s life!

This needs to happen more often: racism needs to be expensive. Racists need to be exposed. The days should be gone where you can rest on the laurels of anonymity to be racist, while enjoying the treasure of social media. The killer part: she really thought no one would really say anything to her.

Cognitive dissonance. Where do I begin?

This is why my children are not allowed to close their doors. This is why I check phones. This is why I teach them how they treat other people! This girl’s parents are either uninvolved in her life, haven’t taught her shit, or are racist too–seeing nothing wrong with this behavior. Either option is problematic, and I do not feel bad for her! Why should I feel bad for her?

My job is not to be the high-holy forgiving Mammie for this child to climb in my lap, latching on my sugartit to be absolved from the weight of the world!

She needs to feel each and every last piece of this for as long as possible! It needs to follow her through college interviews, job interviews and apartment rental applications! Stephanie ‘I Value The Blacks’ Freeman does not deserve my forgiveness. I am not a Mammie, and I am not a good enough Negro to help her wade through these waters.

I am glad her acceptance to her dream school was rescinded. I am glad that her father didn’t have enough money to fix this. I am glad the world sees her as a spoiled, coddled child–caught with her hand in the cookie jar and lying about it when we all saw what we saw!

Stephanie Freeman is the fruit of a poisonous tree. But because there is blood at the leaves and blood at the roots, the nation hopes that planting other trees and foliage around it would make it all better. Too bad it doesn’t and only makes that evil tree’s roots deeper, harder to spot and making it harder to find to uproot! But it must be uprooted anyway–I am tired of telling my children the difference between such trees when the whole orchard all looks the same. All I can remind them is to look at the fruit–racism, and hatred, no matter how pretty or enticing, will always be bitter.

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